Mutations (Reflections on Life)

So, a woman approaches the patient who shares a room with me, identifies herself as a volunteer who wants to identify issues she can help with. The patient then states her name and extends her hand to shake the woman’s.

The woman immediately looks panicked and retreats her hand. I shoot her the ultimate judgment stare and she re-extends her hand to shake the patient’s. “I’ll wash it afterwards,” I hear her mutter underneath her breath.

Really? I am so sick and tired of people not wanting to be tainted by the grime of whatever they claim to be interested in or committed to. I understand not wanting to be or get sick, but how in the world can you insult the very same people you claim to want to help? This is not Grey’s Anatomy. This is real life.

As a law student, I have to say that the same logic applies for wanting to work as a public interest lawyer: you can’t say you want to work with poor people, then dog their situations, intellect, neighborhoods, or anything. Or patronize them.

You want to defend someone from that hood you won’t dare walk into? Oh okay. You introduce yourself as a volunteer at a hospital and won’t shake a person’s hand. Great.

That kind of hypocrisy does not help people.


Rant From My Hospital Bed


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