Mutations (Reflections on Life)

>Mut(e)iny Re-envisioned

After resisting the blogosphere for far too long, I have finally decided to get with the times. Even though I’m a writer, I’ve never really been a diary or a journal person (not consistently anyway), so the idea of releasing my thoughts into cyberspace frightens me more than you know. Facebook is fine, Twitter is cool, but this is all me, all the time…I’m not a quiet or a shy person, by any means, but there is vulnerability in exposure.
Ironically, I felt the same way when I first started writing the Mut(e)iny column for my school newspaper. I just knew that I had something to say. I had no idea how I would keep it up week after week or how it would be received. I just made a conscious decision to no longer doubt the power of my own voice and a conscious effort to exercise it instead. Like Lupe said, “I can’t take back the words I never said…”
I enjoyed the column-writing experience so much that I knew that I had to continue it even after the school year ended. There is way too much history, news, art, and life to comment on for me to stop anytime soon.

So, here it is, the continuation– or as I like to think of it–the new beginning. There will be much work and many changes to come. Still, I’m a woman on a mission, and I’d love for you to come with me….


One thought on “>Mut(e)iny Re-envisioned

  1. >I'm glad to see that you got this up and running Sis!! Continue to do your thing as always. I already look forward to future posts and everything else you decide to do with your talents!God bless and much love,

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